AK Passes Terms & Conditions

By taking out a Adventure Kidz Ltd Annual Pass you accept these Annual Pass terms and conditions and the Adventure Kidz Rules of Play

All Annual Pass holders are required to have their photo taken on their first member visit to validate their Annual Pass card on entry

Adventure Kidz Annual Pass holders are entitled to unlimited entry during advertised opening times at Adventure Kidz. Any accompanying non member visitors will be required to pay the on the day admission charge

If you are paying for your Annual Pass by monthly Direct Debit, you are committing to make a minimum of 12 monthly consecutive payments. Payments will continue to be taken until you cancel your Direct Debit with your Bank or Building Society. Should payments be interrupted, your Annual Pass will be cancelled and outstanding balance pursued

If paying by Direct Debit, you will have the choice of two dates in the month for your Direct Debit to be taken (1st and 15th of the month).

Should it not be possible to collect your DD due to insufficient funds, your Annual Pass will immediately be put ‘on hold’ and the Annual Pass card will not be accepted at admissions for entry

Should it not be possible to collect your DD due to insufficient funds for two months in a row, your Annual Pass will be cancelled and it will not be possible to apply for a Adventure Kidz Annual Pass by DD again

Should you visit during a period when your Annual Pass is on hold as a result of your DD not being collected due to insufficient funds, you will not be able to enter as a Member and you will be required to pay the full day admission charge.

Annual Pass is only valid when used and/or presented by the named Member as printed on the card. Misuse will result in the Annual Pass being withdrawn

Each Member will be issued his or her own Annual Pass in their own name Adults 18 years and over Children 0- 12 years old only

Admission to Adventure Kidz and use of the facilities are subject to the published last admission and closing times. Adventure Kidz Annual Pass does not guarantee entry during peak periods Annual Pass holders will be subject to normal check-in/check-out procedure.

We regret that if Adventure Kidz has to restrict trading hours, we cannot extend the duration of the pass or refund monies.

Annual Passes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or given away to a third party

Annual Pass is non refundable

The authorised Member must show their Annual Pass at the Entrance each time they visit Adventure Kidz

Members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times

Photocopies of Annual Pass will not be accepted

Events subject to change without notice and no refunds or compensation is paid should Adventure Kidz close due to circumstances beyond its control

Adventure Kidz reserves the right to close part of or all of the facilities within the venue at any given time without prior notice or compensation

All Annual Pass remain the property of Adventure Kidz and can be withdrawn in the event of fraud and misuse. This includes, but is not limited to, allowing a third party to attempt to gain access to Adventure Kidz with a Membership Card of which they are not the valid holder

Failure to present a valid Annual Pass will result in a charge of the ‘on the day’ admission rate

Annual Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer or voucher

Lost Annual Pass should be reported to Adventure Kidz immediately. In the event of a lost Annual Pass, Adventure Kidz will re-issue a replacement card and charge an administration fee of £5.00 per card

There must be a minimum of one named adult when registering for an Annual Pass. This adult will be contacted for all correspondence regarding the Annual Pass

All correspondence in connection with the Annual Pass will only be sent to a nominated lead adult member who is responsible for ensuring all Terms and Conditions are met and to advise of any changes to contact details

A photograph will be taken when you first use your Annual Pass and printed on your Annual Pass for verification/authorisation on entry.

Entry to Adventure Kidz remains on a first come, first served basis.

The Lifetime Price Guarantee will be the published full Annual Pass price at the time of application for new Annual Pass. This price will be offered for all subsequent renewals paid annually in advance, prior to the Annual Pass expiry date, and on the basis that the Annual Pass Type remains unchanged (i.e.. Individual/family). Payers by Direct Debit will have no increase in the value of the Direct Debit after 12 months as long as their payments remain uninterrupted.

An AK Annual Pass starts on the date that we receive the first Direct Debit payment. If you pay for your whole years annual pass up front – it starts from when your payment is cleared through our secure banking system which can take up to 3 working days.

The Adventure Kidz Annual Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Extra charges apply for special events

Adventure Kidz reserve the right to update or change these Terms and Conditions from time to time with one months notice sent to all members via email.

 How to find us

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